Talk: “Product or Service” by Jeremy Broun and Andrew Lawton on Friday 21st June

Jeremy Broun and Andrew Lawton are furniture makers based in Bath and the Peak District respectively and they frequently give joint talks.

Jeremy is the author of “The Encyclopaedia of Woodworking Techniques” which was updated in 2018.  He has produced a short film on the life and work of Sir Gordon Russell entitled, A gem of British Furniture history.”   He is currently a judge for the Alan Peters Award for Excellence which encourages and promotes young talent within the bespoke furniture industry.

Andrew, who opened his own workshop in 1980, is rooted in the ideals of the Arts and Crafts and the Cotswolds School of craftsmanship, while taking advantage of the best of modern methods and material.  Three of  his designs have been awarded the prestigious Bespoke Guildmark from the Furniture Makers Company.

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